About Us


Rocketz Autosports (Zola Enterprises Co. Ltd.) is an extension of a family network which started its roots in the Asia automotive industry in the early 1980s. 

In 1992, We opened our doors to the world market with a branch located in Vancouver, BC Canada, which is 30 minutes from the US border. Taking advantage of this geological location, we are able to do business both in USA and Canada. Now Rocketz Autosports has grown to be the largest aerodynamic body kit supplier in Canada. We constantly stock over tens of thousands of parts in our warehouses. We have been a manufacturer, an importer and a distributor all wrapped up in one. 

Over the last 20+ years, we did collect a wide variety of performance parts to satisfy the needs of our dealers. However, due to the dedication to provide the best valued parts to all our customers, we decided to specialize in aero body kits. Everything else that is not body kit is on clearance at great prices to make room for the oversized nature of these parts. We have also diversified ourselves to develop and manufacture products in all sorts of composite materials (figerglass, carbon fiber and etc.) for numerous companies not limited to automotive.

Rocketz Autosports / Zola Enterprises is going strong. We strive to bring quality parts in large volume to offer you the best deals!.